Open your self like a flower

By bringing out the best in yourself and putting that optimism forward.

This Is how the world will see you and you will view yourself.

The world won’t see the darkness that life has thrown upon you but all the wonder you have learned from it.

They say “BBlooming Positivenesseauty is in the eye of the beholder” and how true that is, Take an example of two people at a bus stop. One person may see another as clever and intelligent, whereas another standing right next to them may view that same person in the negative aspect of the first such as unintelligent.

The power of positive thinking brings positive input into your life, and sadly the negative thoughts bring negative input. Direct the beauty into your life by blossoming positiveness into your world in every moment, for every moment is an opportunity.

You can not change everyone's opinion but can bring joy, optimism, and happiness into your life.

Don’t live life in days, Live life by happy memorable moments.

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