Giving Ourselves Persupport tree branchmission to be supported

We struggle and strive for independence to prove not only to society but also to ourselves that we have become adults living in an adult world. Truly !! do we need to carry this at all in our pockets of self?

At times in our lives, we find unexpected issues that arise calling upon our inner strengths to deal with them, this is the time we need to allow ourselves to be open and receptive to allowing others to aid and support us in that time of need.

Knowing that asking for assistance is not a failure nor does it mean that you are less in any way.

I know many occasions where myself and others seeking support and aid like in an overdue bill, medical expenses, food shortage, chemo treatment, an unexpected prescription, extra trips to the hospital, hospital items, moving expenses and a sympathetic ear to help make sense of the situation.

Giving ourselves permission to give and receive opens spiritual pathways for ourselves selves allowing for assistance to come to us.

Have you ever been involved in a co-incidence? This is the time spiritual assistance finds away to aid us, accessing all possibilities.


This is where Usupporting each othernity World Wide Community may be able to support.

So we ask you, with a big smile on our friendly faces, How May We Help You?


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