Note to Self.......

RE: Daily Attitude

Dear Self,

I am in need of a makeover, work with me to change the things that I can change and have the life that I desire.

Dear Me,

I am hearing you !!! and I must say it's about time! I have been wanting the best for you since you were born, now let us work together so you can be the best me possible. I have a little shopping to-do list for you... Since you are always giving me lists to do, I am returning the favour.

    • Let's start by seeing the beauty in everything. Even in your worst mood, look at all the beautiful things that surround you, take joy in the little things.

    • Get a grip! Your negative thoughts do not own you. Stop them in their tracks, throw them in the cupboard, you are in charge.. hear that? YOU ARE IN CHARGE.

    • That brings me to stop playing the victim... There are plenty of other excellent games we could play. So no more excuses. Repeat after me.. No more excuses.. Good.

    • Now let's get excited about all the possibilities that lay ahead. Can't think of any? Then try a relaxation technique, warm bath, a new fragrance, meditation, relaxing music.. ahh I am already relaxed.

    • relaxAccept the good things- some times we are so caught up in past experiences and bad stuff we forget to appreciate the good things. Take notes, make a list, reflect.
    • Believe the world is a good place and more good things will come your way

    • Your future is yours to shape, it can be any shape, colour, design that you want. Give your life music, poetry, creative arts and allow the flow to guide and shape you.

      So dear Me, take control and go for it!

      There is only one you!!!!

      and you are only here in this time-space in the now.

      You have a page to write in the book of the universe.

      Find your purpose and go and seek for yourself, you may be surprised at what you find.

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you are beautiful


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  1. yes, i it’s like that old saying mum used to say. “where there’s a will there’s a way” great stuff.

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