The Pain of the Patient

It’s enough to make Jesus weep. John*struggling in his final time on this earth. No doubt highly medicated with intense pain, physical and emotional weakness as he was left to struggle through a mound of paperwork with Centrelink and his Superfund, using the brain fog of medication and illness to try to help himself in his final hours. His financial situation so severe he tried to commit suicide.

Don’t you think that would be enough for the ‘alarm bells’ to ring? Where was the assistance that Governments and Charities say is there? Where is the help when the lights of life are dim, so dark all you can think about is ending your life. Alone, with no loved ones for support or comfort.


The burden of a chronic illness is enough to deal with physically, mentally and emotionally without suffering through the mountain of nothingness you receive when trying to find assistance when you're desperate.

I ask you! Who, in their right mind would be asking a person in this fatal state of life to be fit for duty’. Capable of completing and thinking clearly to fill in paperwork for their perusal?

This is one of many real-life scenarios where our systems have failed and the more we hear about this type of situation the more we realize “It could happen to you”.

One minute your working and the next your diagnosed with a chronic illness and your life falls apart beneath your feet.I ask you in all honesty. “What can we do about it?” In response to newsarticle " Australian man dies of bowel cancer whilst waiting for disability support". 

Response to article supplied by 'V. 2272"

*name changed


What can we do about it?

What can we do about it?
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